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We recognise that for you and your child, starting in a new environment may be unsettling and we understand it is an emotional time for all. Our settling in process begins with orientation visits that happen over a 3 week period for infants and 2 weeks for our older children . This settling in process is for the well-being of the child and enrolment with us is on the basis that parents commit to attending these orientation visits.

Teacher and kids

First Visit

You will be contacted by the Team Leader of the room your child is joining, and together you will schedule your first visit. This initial visit is to introduce you and your child to the teaching team and to begin to familiarise your child with their new environment and routines. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, schedule the rest of your visits and to begin developing a trusting relationship with your child’s new teachers. Your child’s visit times will be scheduled at different times of the day to ensure they begin to become familiar with routines such as meal-times, sleep/rest times and toileting/nappy change times.

You, or another family member, must remain onsite with your child while they are visiting. Initially you will need to spend time in the room alongside them until they are comfortable with you stepping out for short periods of time. There is flexibility within the transition timeline to increase the number and/or frequency of visits if in consultation together if we feel this would be in the best interests of your child.

Orientation Time

You are encouraged to take your time with transition into the centre as these early visits lay the foundation for your child to begin to feel familiar with the centre and the people they meet, and to feel secure and trust that their emotional needs will be met. Let your child see you relaxed and enjoying the new environment and chatting to other children and the teachers.

Transition Between Rooms

Our internal transitions happen in a very similar way, with 3 weeks of visits (for infants) and 2 weeks for over 2’s scheduled to your child’s new room. These visits will focus on spending time within the room engaged in the daily programme as well as practicing drop offs and pick up. You will be introduced to the new teaching team by your child’s current teachers and there are opportunities to have more in-depth dialogue if needed, for example with children who have additional needs, or if you just need that extra bit of reassurance.

Decisions about readiness for a transition within the centre are made in consultation with the teaching team and you as the parent. The transition process can be delayed if anyone has reservations about your child’s readiness, or unexpected health issues or absences arise around the same time.

If at any time you have concerns about your child settling in, or transitioning through to another room, please talk to the appropriate Team Leader, Operation Manager or Centre Director.