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Penguins - centre

Our Name & Ethos

Penguins are a symbol of courage, determination and dedication, with a will to succeed against all odds. No matter what life throws at them, Penguins will keep going and have a strong sense of family and community. They provide their offspring with the best possible start in life, and are totally dedicated to helping them grow and mature until they are equipped to survive on their own. Exactly what we believe parents today want for their children; the best opportunities when they are Starting to Learn.

Who we are

Penguins is owned by ACG Schools, New Zealand’s leading private education provider, with a focus on providing the environment where all of its students can thrive and excel. ACG Schools operates childcare centres and schools with in New Zealand and Asia. ACG Schools is run by a leadership team that focuses on ensuring they focus on quality and deliver at the highest level.

Our Teachers

We carefully consider the suitability of each of the teachers we employ, as they have such an important role in partnering with us to provide the very best for your children.

We aim to appoint teachers who understand and respect our philosophy, and who demonstrate passion and enthusiasm for working in the field of ECE. We place teachers in teams where they specialise in the age group they work with, which means having the necessary skills and knowledge to be highly effective.

Our Environment

We are located on one and a half acres, and our centre has been designed and purpose-built to provide spacious and beautiful indoor and outdoor areas, with plentiful resources available for children as they explore and investigate the world around them

We have 7 specialised rooms for our children, which have been resourced and arranged to cater for each of our different age groups and their particular needs. Each room features comfortable spaces for discovery and learning, which support a child-centred approach.

Take the time to read our centre philosophy and values and feel confident that we are committed to working in partnership with you. We invite you to contribute to centre life and be involved in policy review, your children’s learning and centre events such as family picnics.

We have an open door approach, where you are more than welcome to pop in and see us and have a personal tour around the centre. Once enrolled, you are welcome to come in and visit with your child to help them in the early settling in stages, or just to nip in for a snuggle!

Our Centre Manager welcomes feedback and suggestions and if at any point you have concerns, you are welcome to speak with them in person, on the phone or send her an email. Please refer to our Complaints policy located in reception for more detail.